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Karen Wardle
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wordmistress, post: 28553 wrote:
Or, if showing off the photos in person, a smartphone would be very good! I only wish I had one! You can store so many images, it’s ridiculous. And since you carry your phone anyway, your photos are always right there in your hands!!

Gina you’re right, you should get one :) they’re great and very handy.

I think phones are great for showing images but only if you don’t have another way of presenting them to clients.

The advantage with a book over the phone is that you can leave it with your customers while you measure up. Sure you can leave your phone with your client but that isn’t really practical. You don’t want the risk of clients deleting data from your phone. You also don’t want to miss calls that may come in while your potential client is looking at your phone.

The advantage of a book also is that the pictures are larger. Elderly clients especially cannot see small screens, even the larger ones that iphones etc now have. And often you need a larger shot to show the full perspective of the job.

From memory I think the Big W ones are around $27 for 20 or so photos. And you can choose the cover images etc yourself. I have seen a few of these and they look great.

I am not sure what lulu cost but I have heard great things about them also. A couple of colleagues have used them and were really happy. So I guess it comes down to convenience.