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Hi Jayne

Thanks for the questions, and sorry I wasn’t on the internet my apple sent to icare… took a while to get it back as their technicians were sick..

DMS Collections corporate image is to portait woman wanting to owe a nice piece of jewelry at affordable prices. The pearl necklaces there on high street store is simply outrages. Being able to obtain freshwater pearls beads, I incorporated my interest in jewelry design with pearls.

My goals for setting up the selling my freshwater pearls through the internet it to actually know what sort of design would most woman wants. The shop online was set up 2 years ago, however most of the people who purchase online 70% are man buying it as a gift.

One of the biggest drawbacks for setting up an online shop is internet advertising is very costly. I had paid google a huge amount of money and I would hope that it would work without paying google. I am trying to find ways like advertising on blogs.

FS Concierge, post: 28009 wrote:
Hi Susana

Thanks for being brave and posting your site for our review. As per the guidelines above, it’s really helpful if you can answer some questions for our reviewers so that they can offer the best advice. You’ve already answered numbers 1 and 2 in your original post, but can you shed any light on numbers 3 and 4 for us?

1. What would you like reviewed? (i.e. logo, website, idea etc…)
2. What does your business do?
3. Who is your target market?
4. What are your specific concerns, questions and objectives?

Thank you again,