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GabStar, post: 27850 wrote:
As for the copywriting, Yes it is hard and I’m not so great at it either but what I am good at is editing and giving advice on words that work and words that don’t. Sometimes getting started with ideas is difficult. I find it easier to have someone in the business write the basic points of what they want to say and then just rewriting it so it’s smoother and SEO friendly. Gabrielle

Hi Gabrielle and welcome :).

I love your site, it’s fresh and airy and you have some really interesting content on there. Maybe we can join forces on some projects. You say you’re “not so great at” copywriting, yet that’s what I do best. On the other hand, I could really use someone who can design fantastic brochures, newsletters and so on. I’m going to contact you so that I can keep your details handy. Your design work is excellent and very much relates to the kind of jobs I do (newsletters, etc.).