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Karen Wardle
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Not sure if this will help you either but….

I had a data file set up for me, though it was myob. I didn’t get the invoicing formatted etc as I did that myself and the chart of accounts was very basic. She charged $60. It didn’t take her very long. The price was less than I expected as she was very qualified.

Will you be inputting the transactions yourself or is this something that they will be doing also (from your post I am guessing that you will be doing this yourself).

As Darren said (hi Darren) how long is a piece of string.(By the way I once went to TAFE with a guy who would always answer that with the following…..twice the length from the midpoint to one end)! :)

I would imagine that you could be quoted for the whole job rather than a per hour basis. There are many bookkeepers here you will be able to set you straight.