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I will ask a few questions:

1. What does the invoice say? Does it specify 1.5hrs work or is this just the amount of time you know they were working on it?
2. What rate(s) were agreed before commencement of the work?
3. Was there any migration of data from another program to Quickbooks?
4. Was the Chart of Accounts modified?
5. Were Debtors & Creditors accounts set up with Opening Balances?
6. Were Opening Balances entered (ie a previous years Trial Balance)?
7. Were the standard Preferences changed in any way?
8. What qualifications did the person have?
9. Was it a one-off job or will they be doing your bookkeeping on a regular basis?
10. If it was so easy then why did you not do it yourself?
11. What hourly rate do you charge for your work?

Personally, I think it is more than reasonable. There are many that charge a minimum fee for setting up a new file (which this person may well have done) and that minimum fee is more than the amount you have paid.