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net123, post: 27915 wrote:
Hi Gina,
I tend to agree with using a commercial printer rather than your own injet printer. Youre promoting your own business and you want your image to look professional and credible.

I can help you with design and print and provide a very competitive quote (trade prices) that meets your budget while still looking top end!

Contact me if youre interested.

[email protected]

Hi Antoinette,

Do you do short run Offset printing? In my opinion Offset printing looks far superior and polished than digital printing though I have found short run Offset printing to be quite expensive (for anything less than a 1,000) due to setup.
On these occasions where I have needed small amounts of printing I have been advised digital printing is the way to go for cost effectiveness however I would have to agree with Kaca as I haven’t seen any small scale digital printing that is too much more professional and polished than an above average laser printer.

Can you please advise on the comparative cost.

Also, it is my understanding that only Offset printing realises true pantone colour and because Offset printing uses ink which is a film it can be imaged to a higher resolution than digital toner therefore providing superior print finishes.
Is this true?


(Sorry ’bout the thread jack Gina.)