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Hi Simmo,

As others have said I think you have to go with something that YOU feel comfortable with! At the end of the day you are going to be the one spruiking the business to all and sundry, so you have to love it. :)

Depending upon your business category you may like to write down a whole lot of ‘words/ terms’ that fit in with it and see if anything comes to mind. As an example, if you are starting up a courier business some words that come to mind are jet, fast, speedy, reliable, on time, direct, door to door, rocket, parcel, letter, package, ship, send, move and on it goes :)

I also found it positive to list a few names I liked and see what some friends and family thought about it. When I then narrowed it to a couple I told a select few what they were, left it for a week and then asked them if they could remember either of them as if your name has good ‘stickiness’ you are on the right track.