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You know I found it really hard to come up with a good and available name.

My business is Shop1Auto which I don’t think is great but is the best we could come up with. The idea was I could use Shop1xxxx like virgin uses their name like Virgin Blue,mobile,atlantic etc. Also both the shop1 and shop1auto .com.au sites were available to register.

A few years ago I took a hankering for “motor gear”. I did some searches and it didn’t show on the ASIC website (ASIC search). I registered the business name in NSW and bought the .com.au domain. It then took a couple of months to get refusal on a trade mark because it was already registered as a product made by a company making gear components. So even though I had been fairly thorough with my search and able to register the business name I could still have fallen foul with a trademark violation.

So I guess have a couple of options and don’t fall in love with a name until you are certain.