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Simmo, post: 28138 wrote:
At the moment I’m leaning towards calling it “something events” I also don’t wish to have a double e so nothing like apple events.

So just to double and triple check I will need to check that the domain name is free & how would I check that I can register it as a business name.

Use the
ASIC Company name search as first port of call to see if anyone has a company/business registered with the name you want. I think a company name takes prescedence over a business name and a trade mark takes prescedence over a company name. A company name and trade mark is national and a business name is state based but you can check this out at the ASIC site and also look at the Fairtrading site for your state.

You can check who owns an au domain here: http://www.whois.com.au/

Good luck with the venture