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chris_king435, post: 28185 wrote:
Nope you haven’t missed anything :).. I’m planning to do a bit of IT work. Mostly sales on ebay etc. however it is very hard to get a wholesale supplier without a business name :(



Ah ok. Still don’t really understand what you’ll be selling though. IT hardware/software? So, products, right? Not services? And you’ll be selling only on ebay at least at first?

Yes, to be taken seriously by wholesalers, you need to demonstrate your credibility. Some will also want you to place more substantial initial orders. When I first started Live It Up Lifestyle Products, I had to prove that I was buying products to sell, not for personal use. You will often be asked for an ABN, trading name, your full name and your trading address. I wouldn’t even approach a wholesaler without having these in place. It’ll make it that much harder to re-approach them when you do have them.