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If you are offering ad space on your site, you need to make sure that your site is worth advertising on!

When you pitch to these prospective businesses, you need to give them the idea that they would be mad NOT to advertise on your site..

You will need to present things like

– Unique Daily Visitors
– Where the visitors come from
– How long they spend on your site
– How well your site ranks in search engines
– How many impressions the ad is likely to get
– Where the ad is likely to be placed.. will it be on all pages? relevant pages?
– What they get for their money!

The list goes on..

However.. if the results for all those questions aren’t very good, i.e; your unique visitors count isn’t very high.. time on site is low.. etc..

Then you need to change this.

I had a quick look at your site, and while some SEO has been done on the site there is loads more you can do.. have a look like having a small intro text on the front page (great for search indexing) add a meta description and meta keywords..

Do some detailed keyword research, find out what keywords people look for in your market.. then have a look at how many other sites rank well for those keywords..

Since you are a techy.. this stuff should come in pretty natural, and doing reading on SEO you might be able to get your head around it!

Best of luck!