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Ali Starbright, post: 28171 wrote:
LOL I know, it’s confusing.

My logic was this:
-no small business people are searching blogging
-i didn’t want to do general blog coaching
-i wanted to mention it as a new thing to get people’s interest.

As a copywriter I’d have thought you’d be more concerned with my extremely boring copy!

Ok understood but you either want to do it or you don’t lol. If you don’t really want to do it, then you shouldn’t be focusing on it in your Adwords campaign. The way your ad currently looks, it looks like a potential customer wouldn’t really know what you’re offering and if that’s the case, they would wonder how you could help them at all.

Small business people certainly are searching blogging. I do! I write blogs but I still have plenty to learn about all the different ways of making them work. It used to be, a couple of years ago, that forums were ‘the’ thing to add to one’s site to encourage interaction. But when it turned out that they were only successful if the site owners spent some decent time administering them, they fell out of favour. Blogging has replaced forums (not on sites such as this, but on small business sites) and as such, business owners want to know what the heck it’s all about.

Lol, your “extremely boring copy” is not what you asked about. Sometimes it can be very tempting to offer advice but it can also be seen as hugely presumptuous so I try to be very careful not to tread on toes. If you want help with it, I’m quite keen to get my teeth stuck into it, but be prepared … it won’t be so much as a tweak as a rockin’ makeover!! :P