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Hi All – some great POVs here.

John – nowhere near $300, at least not if you do it right! Arnold points out several things you can do to get the best out of a campaign.

Having said that…

If you have a good site you can get great results just directing visitors to your home page or other suitable page. The thing is if you are using Adwords right then you are only getting traffic that is looking for your service! So bring them to a page that shows you offer that service!

If you are bringing people looking for ‘blogging training’ or ‘blogging coaching’ to any particular page, ask yourself does that page actually promise an answer to their search? Does it clearly show you provide that very service?

Similarly with ‘web design’ or any other service really… some design companies including Magicdust have been doing that very keyword for years now :)

Be real careful with your keyword selection and what matching options you choose, you can get all sorts of unintended search traffic through there, especially if you are using the default broad match option. Keep a very careful eye on your SQRs (Search Query Reports from the reporting options of your Adwords account). Avoid the temptation to try keywords like ‘small business blogs’ as people searching like that are not likely to be looking for training on the subject.

Webmistress – not sure what you meant by a high clickthrough increasing visibility and making a site look active to other search engine crawlers? Getting Adwords clicks does not influence how search engine bots see a site?