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Karen Wardle
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I agree that it is easier for people to avoid you over the phone. As suggested, I would pay him a visit, be civil but firm. There have been many threads posted here in the past about getting customers to pay so maybe you could have a look through the ‘money matters’ forum also.

It has been said that when customers are struggling financially they come up with all sorts of excuses for not paying, including questioning your work, and that they pay those who make the most noise. So I would keep at him.

Ultimately if he doesn’t pay you will need to weigh up the cost involved in continuing to chase him. If it is for a larger amount then as suggested maybe you could get a debt collection agency onto it and add it to your fee. If it is for a smaller amount then the effort may not be worth it and you should just concentrate on protecting yourself from this in the future – as much as you’re able to.

Have you provided him with any paperwork outlining the work that you have done. If it is all verbal maybe he just needs to see some evidence.

As far as what to do in the future;

Did you provide any written quotes etc. It probably isn’t practical to do a written quote for every job. But for jobs over a certain amount I would make sure that I did a written quote and have them sign as accepting it.

If you’re a new business you should set up some systems now so that you can reduce this occurring in the future.

Let us know how you get on.