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Been there, done that… unfortunately.

I guess it was a big job, next time collect payment as you go.
Write up a contract and payment at stages, -very important.
If no payment you don’t start with the next stage, because -as you can see- you can get burned.
The next typical movement from this type of people that they say, if you do this and this I will pay the whole lot at once – so they getting you sucked in with more work to recover the money that you already worked for.
The other is when they start drip feeding you and they say: here is xy and now you do this and this when finished give you some and they say now you do this and give a bit again, but you always behind.
I don’t do it anymore. In this case what I would do I will show up at the property and start removing stuff which I have payed for – if you still have access to the site.
I am a plumber as well.
Where are you located?