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Peter – FS Administrator
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Hi Tr3nton,
Yep, you’ve nailed it with your last post.

Signatures will update across the board except for posts where you uncheck the ‘add signature’ box.

However, as you’ve noticed, if you don’t have a signature the system assumes you don’t want to add one so sets your posts to ‘don’t add signature’.

If the the default was ‘ON’ then you could add a signature at any time but then if you didn’t want your signature to appear on some posts you’d have to turn them off. Not sure which is preferred??

I’ll check on what we can do in the backend, but in the meantime it might be that you’re best to edit any earlier posts if you want your signature to appear.


tr3nton, post: 28411 wrote:
mmm.. ok. i dunno. still not updated in older posts.. weird

Burgo.. i dunno what you just said :-/

maybe the forum doesnt want me to change my sig, lol

edit: ok.. i think i know the problem..

when you have your signature set and when you make a post, there is a check box below the post which says ‘add signature’, which is checked by default.. on the other hand when no signature is set, that option isn’t there, so it must add it into the database as ‘Off’… so even when i change it, it doesnt put it in…….. however if i go and edit every post i made, i can set it too on – needless to say, a bit of a mission.

Perhaps this behaviour is not ideal? (in my opinion)… even if no signature it should set this to ‘On’ or whatever the flag should be in the database.

Is there a DBA that can update my posts to make them all say ‘On’? if not, no big deal. you live you learn :)