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net123, post: 28383 wrote:
What a fantastic website!
Ive been a member now for a few weeks but I havent yet formally introduced myself.
Im really excited to be part of a community like this where we can share common interests and support each other in growing our businesses.

I know how tough it is to get started and build a network of clients. Im going through this initial phase myself and this forum is a great place to bounce ideas and get some great advice.

My Write On Time business aims to support small businesses by providing marketing and advertising solutions in the areas of design, print, packing and mailing.

If you need any support or advice to help promote your business let me know.

Im glad to be part of this forum and wish you all the success in your business ventures.

[email protected]

Hi Antoinette,

Welcome to the boards. There is a great bunch of people here, all welcoming, friendly and always willing to help.

Where about are you based?

Hope you enjoy the boards.