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We own and operate several orphanages in the rural areas of China and for years we have done our accounting in two different systems. One in Quick Books Pro and one in MS Money.

The reason for two is we have to do reporting to the US Gov in US Dollars since our foundation is based in Texas, USA. We also have to do reporting to the Chinese government and since MS Money will both accept Chinese character input as well as Chinese currency (CNY or RMB.. as you wish) we chose Money for our Chinese accounting.

About a year ago I started switching our entire computing systems to Mac. We finally came to the point where we had on PC left and the only thing that was saving it’s life was MS Money.

We finally started looking for a Mac accounting system that would replace money but that had to be able to accept CNY/RMB, take input in both English and Chinese and also be able to import our more than ten years of account data from MS Money.

GNUCash seemed to be the answer. Fulfilled all our requirements and quite frankly, for the last week doing tests with the software, I really like it.

Today I decided to start teaching our Chinese staff how to do input and low and behold…it won’t take the Chinese characters.

I have read and read and from every thing I have read and read, it seems as if there is no problem with Chinese input but I can’t get it to work.

I can input Chinese into Word, Text documents, Excel, just about everything… but not GNUCash.

I need help… can someone out there steer me in the right direction?

Thank You so much, in advance.

OS = Snow Leopard (All systems)
4 to 8 G Ram
500 GB HD (smallest size)
iMac Desk tops from 2008 to 2010
Mac Book Pro – 13″ and 15″

GNUCash – Version 2.29