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wordmistress, post: 28495 wrote:
I have a client who currently uses a me.com email address for his business. Obviously it would make more sense for his email address to feature his domain name.

Instead of [email protected], better to use [email protected].

I’m not familiar with me.com but at first glance, it seems to be pretty slick. Can anyone tell me if there are any disadvantages to forwarding a me.com email address to a proper domain name email address? Is it simple enough for my client to do it himself? Any other considerations?

In Summary I wouldn’t recommend it.

Details and blah below:
Lots of people want to stay with me. I’m a domain pusher as much as the next. However if your client has it, and uses a mac/iphone then I wouldnt suggest you shift them. Its not the end of the world like everyone suggests it is. Without getting into a debate about mac and pc. People like the service because it works.

I personally don’t recommend forwarding at all unless you are forwarding to a new address in a changeover period, or on holidays etc. It also doesn’t solve when they send an email.
Whilst there are some workarounds out there I will not discuss workaround for the forwarding as to me it’s not feasible in a professional environment especially when things go wrong.

My advice if they or you are really not happy with the .me than shift to another push email service to secure your domain name don’t try to patch the .me service. They provide a certain service and do it well.

Will it really cost them business by having it or are we all just too fussy? My father changes around $1200 a day as a management consultant working for some of the biggest companies in AUS and uses an .me account and has no real backoffice, staff etc to be concerned with an exchange server or the likes. I tried to get him to change because of my young arrogance until we finally agreed it won’t cost him business. Look how many trades’ people have yahoo and bigpond but still make a living. There is branding and there is putting energy into things that more than likely don’t matter or matter very little. I don’t know your client, their business etc so I’m only speculating.
If there is anything else I can assist with please let me know.