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Virtual Call Centre
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Burgo, post: 28514 wrote:
Welcome to Flying Solo. Tell us some more about your Virtual Call Centre, and how it is different to any other call centre, you have me intregued. Also a little about yourself and where you want to take you business, maybe someone here can be of help
Hi Burgo,
I think the main difference between us and the corporate call centres is we are home based, we also do the 1st 2 week trial ourselves so that when our staff are doing the calls we will have 1st hand experience on overcoming the objections they may get on the phones.
We are honest in our approach and strive to be the most successful “Virtual” business in this field.
Personally .. I have been in sales for most of my career..which is many years, Ive had another business in sales hiring and training sales teams of up to 120 per month, Im a mother and a (young lol ) grandmother in my early 50’s..(tmi lol)
Thankyou for asking me about me..and my business if I’ve left anything out please let me know, I would be glad to answer any questions..cheers Kim