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See what happens when you get called out on a job, you get intelligent answers from my friends.
Most of us have these doubts from time to time, I still have them, but its only because you have allowed some negative thoughts to come in.
The next phone call will be an exciting job.

I spoke to someone last week who said that I need to market myself to a more refined group, rather than trying to market myself to EVERYONE, I need to define my target and market specifically to them. My first target market is local draftsman, architects, engineers as I believe I have a “feel” for that type of industry (I worked in a similar industry and also my father was an engineer working from home, so I know what he experienced). The problem I face is that these people don’t necessarily know that they need my services and are also frugal with money, so now I take on the hard role of sales and trying to sell my services to them.

Now this seems to answer part of the question and it is spot on.

Now do you have a brochure, that you can give, send to,.
How many customers from each of these neich areas do you want, who are they, do you know any of them, have you visited their offices to see if they are the customer you want.

Basically you need to do a bit of market research of the market you want to tap into. Is there overload work from these neich markets, do you have the name of the person that makes the decissions.

Remember to be a good sales person you need to relax and be your self, and you have a product they may need. So you get a few no’s and you may even be surprised at how many yeses are in those no’s.

Think possitive get rid of negativity, get out there and be your georgeous self…knock’em dead