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wordmistress, post: 28643 wrote:
Somehow I sniffed out a thread containing the word ‘chocolate’! Yes! It can be chocolate and yes, you can do it.

Whenever I feel as though business is not moving along as fast as I’d like it to, I do one of two things: take a nap, or race full steam ahead.

Seriously, the nap sometimes gives me the chance to shut down and re-set, but as I’m dozing off, I contemplate what I could be doing to be more successful. And sometimes, just the fact that I’m not in front of the computer, on the phone or driving around, gives me the chance to think more clearly and before I know it, the nap’s forgotten about and the energy has returned with a vengeance. Considering I sometimes work until midnight, I don’t begrudge myself a catch-up snooze.

Aside from the nap, I vow to get stuck into things and set myself a two hour goal to make something happen. It might be 10am so I decide that before I stop to eat lunch, I have to have made 5 calls, written some Flying Solo posts, sent some pitch emails or done something else that will result in business, whether mid- or short-term.

And now that you mentioned chocolate, the Maltesers I was saving for tomorrow are open and disappearing fast!

Hi Gina,

I hope you enjoyed your Maltesers!! Thanks for your post…..I also enjoy a little nap during the day (if I can coordinate my daughters to sleep at the same time!!) and this also does 1 of 2 things – either gives me more energy to start again – mostly chasing after the kids! Or time to think about what I’m going to do next.

Today is a new day, with new challenges. Let’s do it :)