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dan, post: 28622 wrote:
I gave you two bits of (constructive) advice. One to stop using friends to do something they are not capable of doing correctly. And two, to get it done professionally. Why you take offence or for that matter take it personally, is something you should be asking yourself. Perhaps I could sugar coat it while giving you the ‘bad news’ but that often doesn’t work. So I keep it brief and to the point. It doesn’t mean i’m attacking you or your business. I’m also not here to win friends or even pick up clients as some here try. The latter is often rather pointless when the majority on here start their biz on shoe strings and think that logo’s cost $35-$50.

That is a slanderous statement that I take offence to. You don’t know me, nor what I do for my clients. And I have never said anything negative about you or your business.

The fact that you take offense to a comment that wasn’t directed to you is actually funny..here is a quote from an email I got from someone who has been on here for a long time and seems to see a lot..

quote: I’m sorry you’ve struck two of the most obnoxious people on the forum straight-up.

I’m not giving you this link on the forum as every time someone refers to it Dan (whoever the hell he is – he won’t even reveal his business name) attacks them and it turns into a 5 page slanging match :unquote
Seems your famous on here Dan.. goodnight Dan take a chill pill..