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dan, post: 28626 wrote:
Two things wrong with that. There should be no set pricing. And design work should not be a contest. People should be paid for the effort they put in.

It also pushes people to cut corners and costs which eventually impacts on the quality of the product or service. Look at any home brand product in the supermarket as an example. They are cheaper than their competitors, but the quality is much poorer.

Hi Dan, (same name as me!!!)
The set pricing would be there as a safety net so clients can not offer a ridiculous amount at which even the most inexperienced designers won’t work. We have yet to set minimum limits at this stage, but think of it this way…If say the set minimum was $250 per logo, it would be entirely up to the client to offer what they want. They can offer $500, $700, or even just $250. It would be then up to the designers to choose to enter or not.

I see your concern about pushing people to cut corners etc…but this is where the pros and newbies are divided. If the client does not wish to pay a nice reward, they surely can’t expect to get a pro working on their project. Yet, just like ‘Home Brand’ products, yes they are cheap, but there’s always people using it and these people like to spend just the bare minimum to get by!!!