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dan, post: 28657 wrote:
Meanwhile the message you are sending out is logo’s cost only $200 and the process is done via a competition. One client tells another potential client and so it snowballs. For the sake of catering to people who don’t want to pay the true cost of design, you devalue the industry as a whole.

That was not my point, That $200 price was only used as an example.

I’m pretty sure most of us here have googled around and have a good idea on how much a logo design costs. You have companies charging only $99 to other companies charging ten times more. Which company would I use? Easy choice…I’d look at my budget and see what I can afford.

If you believe that it will ‘devalue the industry as a whole’, then so be it if that’s what you believe. Just remember, there’s always people out there undercutting others to get business, but the ‘EXPERIENCED & SKILLED PROS’ still come out on top and get the big fish.