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Burgo, post: 28697 wrote:
” Shewhomustbe” wont allow me to go into Bunnings, Boarders and Native Australian landscapes unless she is with me.

Norrmally I would Need something from either of these retail outlets and come out with many other items that just simply said ‘you have to buy me’. Impulse buying is big business and all retailers place these saleable items in the isle where the customer must go.

We have all done it sometimes only to regret our impulse buy.
Woolworths and Coles supermarkets have candy near the checkout. Getting bored waiting to be served makes you hungry or you simply buy it because the kids are driving you crazy.

” Shewhomustbe” has a list of things she NEEDS and never buys anything thats not on that list, but to hit the fashion stores two hours later rarely does she not buy something. I glad we no longer have a busy social life.

Yes there are those items that we NEED to buy and there them that you buy simply on impulse often because there is a sign thatsays SALE

I love your post Burgo about “shewhomustbe” !!!! So true about heading into some stores and coming out with several other things that you didn’t initially go in there for (and quite possibly not even getting the item that you went in there for in the first place!!).

I must admit, I suffer from impulse buying, although really do try to stick to what we NEED as we have a tight budget. Thinking about grocery shopping (as this is the only shopping I don’t feel guilty about because we need to eat) and I think that if I shopped online and had my groceries delivered, rather than me going to the store, I would save quite a bit of money. I tend to buy alot of items that are on “special” and also, depending on my emothions while shopping will depend whether I buy chocolate, ice cream etc that are not on my shopping list.

Isn’t that what marketers are relying on, people either impulse buying or shopping with emotion???

Great subject…..