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Ken Wood
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lukew, post: 35640 wrote:
I’m trialling Zoho CRM at the moment but I do not see a way to set it up so your leads, contacts, accounts etc can be grouped by state; NSW, QLD etc. Or one step further by suburb.

I need a CRM that can do the above as I will be targeting and selling products to businesses in my industry across Australia.

Hi Luke,

Sorry for the late response, I’ve been overseas and just got back onto FS today.

You should be able to do what you want readily enough with SugarCRM.

To make state-based targeting a bit easier, we wrote some add-on code for SugarCRM that cleans up all the common variants of Australian state names that clients typically type (most of our leads come in from our websites) including common typos, and replaces them with the standard 2-3 letter state codes: NSW, QLD, VIC, NT etc.

That means that out of an average 6,000 new leads per month we end up with less than 50 that need manual intervention to figure out which state they meant.

We are preparing to go the next step and add location-based tagging to our website forms. So in future we won’t even ask new prospects to fill in country or state details in a web form – we’ll just log their IP address, use it to look up their location and create the lead record in SugarCRM with country, state, city and latitude/longitude logged on it. I’m kind of excited about the possibilities for this capability…

If it’s of interest, there’s more on targeting your marketing in my ebook here: http://www.itontap.com/crm-marketing-myob-integration