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Hi Fav,

I’m new to the group too so that almost makes us cousins :-)

I’m a business consultant and assist businesses that need assistance with all sorts of challengers.

Off the cuff have a sale and sell them for cost, or start an ebay store and sell them for cost on that. Depending on the total volume and value of the stock you may also need to sell some items below cost just to get yourself out of a jam.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

fav, post: 28756 wrote:
Hi I’m Fav from the Gold Coast,

I started a ladies boutique in July 2009, knowing very little about running a boutique. With my trade as a dressmaker and love for fashion I was convinced it will work out well. My hubby and I took over the lease of a failing clothing store in a new shopping centre. I knew what I wanted to improve, the quality of clothing and the decor of the shop.

The tricky part is that about 90% of my orders is indent orders, which I had to order 3-4 months in advance. The only advice I received was from the fashion agents (they needed to make a sale), and I ordered too much stock. Now I have a problem with overstocking. Does anyone know what I can do with the excess stock?

I can do with advice on running a boutique too. I will ask more questions later.

Thanks for this opportunity.
Yours sincerely,