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I totally understand where you are coming from, I also can’t help but have many things going on at once.
I have found that it is very important to plan each day or I get sidetracked and end up doing little, even though it seems like I have been busy all day.

My best advice is to:

1, Make a list each night of what you need to do the next day – concentrating on one business per day, and making sure it covers things that you can easily get done, you can go onto other matters when the list is finished. make sure you don’t write down too many jobs to do or you will give up on it if you can’t get them all done.

2, Make sure you take at least one day off totally each week. When you are passionate about your home business, it is easy to work hard seven days a week. This is not only unfair on your family, but a day off, especially if you are ‘champing at the bit’ will give you time to think and find new ideas.

3, Filing. Make sure your paperwork is neat and where you can easily find everything. This makes working on different projects a lot easier and more efficient.