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99designs.com is ruining the design industry. There are thousands of amateur designers in a bidding war spending countless hours on what usually ends up as unpaid work. Also, the website is flawed in regards to its feedback system. The client has no opportunity to fine tune the designs, they simply choose the design that is closest to what they had in mind and have to settle for it. Sometimes this means they will choose a poorly designed logo simply because it was the right colour, rather than having the good design changed.

I know plenty of designers who have tried using 99Designs and every single one of them has quit after being infuriated at the poor quality of work which is chosen by the clients due to the difficult briefing and feedback system, and also the low prize money on offer ($150 for a logo design with 100 designers working on it).

Custom design by an experienced designer is the way to go – and will always be the way to go, if you want the right design for your business – which takes longer than the 15 minutes 99Designers can afford to spend on it.