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I’m on the same boat. I’m in the process of starting up a fashion accessories online store and still indecisive whether I should do it myself or hire the photographer to do it. I’m a photography enthusiast and I am very much leaning towards doing it myself since I have all the gears. But then I feel that if it doesn’t cost that much that I’d rather hire someone to do it so I can allocate my time to focus on marketing and other important aspect of the business.

It also depends on what photography style do you want? A straight product shot on white surface or you want to do more of a lifestyle shot or a studio lookbook with models. A friend of mine just launched her small handbag online store in Germany and she did all of the product shots herself at home (and she’s not a photographer). I think she did a pretty good job. She said it was just very time consuming to edit all the photos to look crisp and clean. So I’m sure you can do it yourself too! Here’s her website in case you want to check on the photos. http://www.vingefashion.com/