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We have a kids party supply website with over 5000 products on it. We use zencart. I was told last week that zencart was old now…mm sure it doesn’t have fancy bells and whistles, but it is simple to use. It ranks well for seo. We utilize a windows based store manager program from Magneticone for managing inventory and orders. It make sit so much simple. I can print 100 invoices in 4 clicks! Not only that they have a quickbooks module that integrates with it and an ebay module. I could not recommend it highly enough. Trying to find software that links up with aussie accounting packages is extremely difficult! let alone ebay as well!

I think it depends on what you are doing with it, what you are selling and the quantity. I think people get tired of all the fiddly bits after a while!

I have another site in wordpress, although not a shopping site and it has taken me far longer to figure that out!