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Friday night and James Squires was packed to the rafters,and so noisy I almost had to send a written message to Donna who was sitting next to me.
We missed all those that didnt make it, so because Friday nights are really not an ideal night for a gettogether, we will make the first Wednesday of the month Sydney’s (city) very informal gettogether evening.

It is good to see other Flying Solo gettogethers starting in the suburbs and I see no reason that attending more than one is not such a bad idea.

It could mean that you could be out every Wednesday evening meeting Flying Soloist in the different parts of Sydney.

Small groups are good because you can get to know each other well and you just never know, if you never go, just who there may be the business person youve been looking for.

So I will organise another Sydney City gtg for Wednesday June 2nd at 6.00pm James Squires.
I will make a new post a little later, so stay tuned.