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Hi Folks,
I am realy jealous of all those with junior bookkeeprs out there, my daughter is now 15, from the age 4 she has been coming to jobs with me in my trade business, at around 10 she would do some office work, but really preferred carrying tools and holding doors, Now refuses to do any office work for me.

Nowdays she is the master of the staple gun and nail gun – all of the timber flyscreens I have to repair are done be her at $25 a screen to her – the last job was 9 screens which she knocked out in 6 hours – do the sums, the little blighter makes more than me out of the deal.

My daughter has learnt alot about the nature of clients (some are nice, some not so), the business environment (Dad’s disappointment when he loses a bigger quote especially when she has written all the dimensions as I have taken and called out the measurements), Cash flow (when Dad hasn’t got any money to pay her this week).

The time we have spent together driving around the countryside talking about business, the things we see and the things we hear on the ABC radio has really started to bear fruit.

In the last 6 months my wife and I have noticed a confident young lady, who will talk to clients she has never met in an intelligent, polite and interesting manner, she can find empathy with clients when thay are talking about a breakin at their home, she is very observant and conscious of safety and product quality issues. She has developed a knack for knowing the difference between a good deal, a great deal and something to good to be true.
She is very angry about the damage to commercial and personal property by “the retards of society” (her words).

All from helping with her Dad in a Flyscreen and security door business.

She is still a 15 year old girl with all those dramas as well though.

My thoughts are to involve your kids without pushing them, if they won’t do the bookkeeping, will they design a flyer, or if they wont fold and stuff envelopes will they deliver them or wash the car.

Teach them about safety issues in whatever business

Enjoy any time you can spend with them.

Just few thoughts (OK more than a few, Sorry)