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Astrid, post: 36913 wrote:
Don’t you think, Craig, that there is more to designs and layouts than personal opinion and taste?
What about he advantages of proper typography, the right media, colours, sizes or a certain order of content in a brochure (or website)?

Yes I definately do think that, it’s my job, but I was talking from a clients point of view. There is a right and wrong when it comes to design but that can be hard to get across to clients as it is not a mechanical thing you can show them working. But a good designer will listen to what the client wants and then come up with the best possible response.

I have found with experience that its usually the smaller businesses that create the most problems. Because they are so used to doing everything themselves they sometimes have problems letting other people do what they are good at. I just tell them they are great at what they do, focus on that, and let me do what I am good at. It has worked so far, and I specialise in small business.