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As above, I agree there are issues with the logo placement.

From my perspective, I feel the logo on the right does not stand out enough, nor does the logo on the left. My suggestion would be to have only the 1 logo, but make it much larger and perhaps with a different background colour of some sort to really make it ‘pop’.

+1 for agreeing font size was too small

The images on the right are great for navigation. Being completely non musical I can still work out what this site is about and could work out where I would need to click

I would also consider trying to locate the Paypal etc logos somewhere a little more prominent (perhaps above the fold?). I dont know about other people.. but if Im shopping online for something.. thats one of the first things I look for. And in this day and age of netbooks and iphones etc… ensuring your key info is above the fold and doesnt require scrolling is a key issue.

Another point is to ensure that your non www version of the website redirects through to the www version. Presently if you go to http://strings4u.com.au/ it does not redirect.

Other than that.. looking good.. well done and congrats !!