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vstacy, post: 36352 wrote:
Does anyone know where I would go to acquire a list of pet owners in three specific suburbs / postcodes on the Gold Coast ?

My direct mail campaign in a few months time is going to be focused on these three suburbs (maybe four) because I already have clients there, it’s a growing area with plenty of new development and it’s an under-serviced area for PROFESSIONAL pet sitting and dog walking. Plus I will be employing someone to “do” a lot of the pet sitting and dog walking in that region (thus wanting to create work for them which means my business increases obviously).

Am I going about it “right” ? I’m focused on which postcodes to cover + I’m satisfy-ing a need (the pain is that a lot of local pet sitting businesses do not cover the area or if they do the client has to fork out travel charges).

What’s a good inexpensive way to go about this ?

As YoungNomad said, I think your needs are a bit specific. There definitely wouldn’t be any list around that could comprehensively cover the market segment you’re looking at there.