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YoungNomad, post: 36621 wrote:
I think this approach is too “target” driven. How many properties in a suburb in your area? In Canberra it’s between 2,000 – 5,000 … if you’re hitting 4 suburbs, it cant be more than 20,000 homes (roughly).

I completely agree with the above.

Generally if you want to target people, this means personally addressed mail. You are then looking at roughly $0.50 per stamp (after bulk discount), plus printing of both your brochure/flyer and usually an envelope, mailing house facilities (to do the inserting into envelopes and individual addressing), etc etc. Plus if you purchase a targeted list like this, these will generally cost you a minimum of around 10c per name, if the list even exists. Overall you won’t get much change from $1.00 each on large quantities, or even more on lower quantities.

This works great for some kinds of businesses with high average sales, but probably not so much for your business, given you would be lucky to get 1% response and this means each customer costs you $100 before you start!

On the other hand if you do a mass letterbox drop your expense per unit will be much less, and while you would likely expect a much lower response rate,
I would expect the overall cost per customer acquired would be lower.

Hope this helps
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