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That is an interesting belief Pross.

Would you be suggesting that any interaction with friends outside your industry does not bring you any business? That someone who is not in your industry has never referred someone they know to your business?

A common pattern I see is people trying something and if it doesn’t provide results after 2 months of mediocre effort, it doesn’t work. The truth is, something like Twitter won’t provide benefits to anyone claiming “Try our full proof product” to strangers.

The most people I hear saying Twitter doesn’t work are marketers. I get on Twitter everyday and interact with people via DM’s and occasionally in the public domain. I monitor what people are mentioning web design, business etc. What I find is the very people who suggest they are “expert marketers” are in fact doing the very things that shouldn’t be done.

Big spam messages about helping people get noticed online and in social websites… without even attempting to personalize their message. Of course they won’t get results.

You want to find people on Twitter, search for “What”, “Where”, “When” and “How”. Help people solve problems and build relationships. They start following you on Twitter, they visit your site, they occasionally re-tweet your posts and if you are good at what you do, they will either use your services if needed or recommend you to someone else.