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I’ll speak from experience – I am exceptionally time poor, but cash rich (so maybe not your normal client).

However, my dilemma resonates with the majority of the population.

IMO it’s about tapping into those that value their car as an extension of their image;

– Business people whose car is a tool of their trade
– Young boy racers (although most of these will detail their car themselves, as they enjoy it)

Tapping into the first option – business people. Especially in my industry (real estate), your car is almost everything. People make an immediate judgement call when you rock up to their home. It’s almost a deal maker / breaker.

I’d suggest approaching every single real estate agency in your area – talk to them about detailing their staffs cars on a Friday afternoon, so they’re sparkling for Saturday open homes.

I’m sure you’ll find 95% will love for you to do this. From experience, I spent all Friday afternoons on appointments, and Saturday mornings preparing for open homes.

If you take this hassle out of their hands, they’ll be happy to pay for it.

Hope this helps.