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Hi Dean,

Congrats to your new endeavour. Although I am a Feng Shui Consultant, but I have been in design and communication business for many years and advised many clients on their corporate collaterals.

There are three areas I will normally approach a logo:

1) Relevance – Air Conditioning is meant to cool and ease the heat. Hence the snowflake works well. Blue delivers the coolness which is spot on for your business. However, I have my reservation of the Sharp orange shape, which i suppose represents the sun. This colour is too strong and ‘hot’ and fights with the logo, doesnt really deliver the coolness

2) Consistency of Colour during reprint – Keeping the corporate colour in similar shades is always a nightmare. In your case, if you keep the colours to only Black and Cyan, you can adopt a 100% K and 100%C which is a universal colour scheme that will minimise problems of different shades of blue or black.

3) Cost – This is more relevant to big corporation with many staff and high turn over. Printing name cards can be expensive. I am not sure if this will affect you, but it’s good practise to keep in mind just in case your business might grow into a huge corporatiton (dare to dream). Keeping colours as simple as possible is the best way to go. Easy for brand recall and easier to manage consistency. Just think of Daikin’s logo – there’re only two colours.

Hope it helps.

Chris Lai