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Hey cool idea, sounds like something if you could knuckle out well could easily be franchised and catch on well.

Like the others mentioned, working out how to make it pay and yet keeping afford-ably attractive is the key. Maybe you could sell all the ingredients and make your profits that way.

I know often when I travel and even if I do stay at hostels with cooking facilities I’m too lazy to do my own, or even when I want to it doesn’t always work out very cost effect unless you do so a few times. Such as having to buy bottles of oil, seasonings – salt etc, which if used for only a meal or two can make that meal cost quite high.

It would appeal to me if I could just walk of the street, check out your fresh produce, say buy a few hundred grams of chicken, veges, potatoes, use your salt, spices and cooking oil and then cook it all up in one of your kitchen setups, eat in your dinning room, then head back out on my way.