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evan, post: 36670 wrote:
Thankyou Hugh for your comments and input. I will take what you have said on board.

Craig, thankyou for your suggestion. I do understand what you mean with the cost to profit ratio. That was something that I too were a bit unsure. Though the idea keeps pushing me to think of alternatives. I do however believe that a self-contained box that can be transported is a neat idea. Have noted that one down.

Anyone else have any thoughts/suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Why don’t you register the .com.au name (it’s still available, hurry!) and set up a database like wotif.com, where home services people (ironing, washing, cleaning – although most hotel rooms have this, self contained units don’t, tour guides etc.) , inc. cooks and chefs, all over the world (although i noticed the .com is a parked domain, could buy it though?) could register their services, so travelling business people and families can look it up from anywhere in the world and get a tradesperson. I don’t how you’d charge clients, and the only trouble is you’re relying on “people”, to do the work and we all know how unreliable they can be…

But, it’s something to think about.