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Hi all,

Thanks so much for your awesome feedback!! Really appreciate it. Some parts to this post I’m getting more idea’s as I type so excuse me for thinking out aloud.

Jake, I was thinking of strategically positioning it near hotels/hostels/back packing places that are easily accessible. A dining area would be included so that if their food is hot for example they can enjoy it.

Mexham, I was still toying with the idea if customers could bring their own food or select their food from the fresh produce available inside Full Kitchen.
I believe it would be wise for people to select fresh ingredients/vegetables/produce from instore. This could be where some money is made. If however there is rare item they would like to cook with such as squid ink linguini maybe then they can book in advance, we source the ingredient and order it, when the customer shows up at their booking time they are all ready to go.

Small items such as oil, pepper, salt & spices are not charged as these are small items.

To quote Mexham “It would appeal to me if I could just walk of the street, check out your fresh produce, say buy a few hundred grams of chicken, veges, potatoes, use your salt, spices and cooking oil and then cook it all up in one of your kitchen setups, eat in your dinning room, then head back out on my way.” I believed you have summed it up pretty well and hit it on the head!

Martine, thankyou for your advice. Just letting you know I did in fact purchase http://www.fullkitchen.com.au a few days ago.

Craig_H I still like your idea with the sea container and hiring out full kitchens to cater for different types of events. It might be that there are two arms of the business. One in which people can come and cook as per Mexham’s quote above and the other catering for Kitchen hire for events using sea containers to different specs. I went a bit further and though about fusing those two ideas which could be a special event every x number of months.

It could be a Full Kitchen | Restaurant under the stars (depending on seasonal weather) or something similar. Hey this could also be a marketing campaign to market both businesses. This could maybe turn into a traveling/marketing/restaurant roadshow where in the restaurant travels across different cities, rural areas & states. Though not sure if on these road shows people cook for themselves by selecting fresh produce from the full kitchen pantry or highly regarded local chefs to the area come for the patrons as per a restaurant.

Sorry if some of these haven’t made sense. I’m glad I’ve written them down and again excuse me as I was thinking out loud. Heaps of ideas to really think, write down and research about.

I’ve summed up the main purpose of the Full Kitchen idea into three words.
Cook, Eat, Enjoy

Thanks everyone for all your feedback, it really makes a massive difference! Any more is always welcome,

Thanks in advance,