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Paul Cunningham, post: 36739 wrote:

If youre looking for some free marketing activites, try some of the online women’s networking sites. You can set up a free profile page, describe your product, get some feedback from your target market. You’ll be able to get links back to your site which might drag in a little traffic.

This isnt a perfect strategy but it might get you the odd sale and some valuable feedback on pricing etc (as there as some concerns expressed here). Try Australian Business Womens Network to start and look for others – there are heaps of them.

Your site looks great by the way. All the best for your venture.

That is a good point. There are a large amount of WAHM networks out there. Have you tried facebook? Two I know of are http://www.facebook.com/supportawahp and http://www.facebook.com/pages/WHO-Adelaide-Chummy-Mummy/110031542353800

Facebook is huge with Mums.

Good luck!