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What I was thinking of after reading your post about no sales and lack of marketting is I would love to see a video of the product in use.

I then looked at your website and was about to close it but in the corner of my eye I saw the link to the video.

I believe since you already have alot of data a customer would need(price, features, general appearance) to read on the homepage they have no need to browse the rest of the site which means missing out on watching the videoo

After watching the video the quality wasn’t high enough for me and turned me off a bit.

I’m not much of a video editor but I would love to see very white walls, high quality video and zooming and panning of the product.

So to summarize my thoughts, I think the home page should have a play button to see the video and maybe should even auto play the video once the site has loaded, forcing the customer to watch how dam useful it is.

I think the price is fine and from the pictures it looks durable and worth the price.

p.s. good luck

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