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Hi Karen

You’ve come to the right place for advice, that’s for sure! Everyone here has already been so helpful, and no doubt, more advice will be forthcoming.

Ok, onto my two cents worth. Bear with me, I have alot to say (as usual lol).

I’m a copywriter who specialises in internet copy, and from that perspective, I can tell you that there is nothing on your site that would attract visitors. The most prominently used words are ‘shopping’ and ‘caddy’; great if someone is literally Googling ‘shopping caddy’ but without knowing exactly what it’s called, they would be looking for something else such as ‘nappy bag’, ‘pram bag’, ‘stroller carry-all’, that kind of thing. In fact, there is very little content on the site at all, so there is nothing for the search engines to index, in the way of words and therefore, nothing for them to direct traffic to.

Also, I feel the name ‘shopping caddy’ may be letting the product down. If it’s specifically been designed for use on prams and strollers, I would have called it ‘pram caddy’ or ‘stroller caddy’. You seem to be intent on selling it to mothers and for them, the word ‘shopping’ may not be as compelling as ‘pram’ or ‘stroller’.

I think the suggestion to have the name embroidered on the product itself is huge. Let it advertise itself. It can be done in a stylish way, but hey, even brands such as Osh Kosh B’Gosh emblazon their brand name on their clothing. But if you do go that route, make sure you brand it with the website address, not just the product name.

I’d also recommend a logo design, something that’s instantly recognisable (when enough exposure has been achieved). Allow for the opportunity to branch out into other products at a later date. You could introduce a more focused ‘shopping caddy’ to follow up on the ‘pram caddy’/’stroller caddy’ which doesn’t need to be hooked onto a pram, but which comes with its own wheels on the bottom. And I love someone’s suggestion that it could be redesigned for the elderly, either to fit onto the back of a wheelchair, onto a walker, scooter or again, on wheels. ‘Granny caddy’? ;) So, keep the word ‘caddy’ and future-proof the branding accordingly.

I don’t think the pricing is too high at all. I think it’s perfectly appropriate given the quality, robustness, versatility and design intelligence. I would think it would last for more than one baby, and would probably serve the whole family until the pram is no longer needed.

I was actually amazed to watch the video and see how much you pulled out of it! I’m still not clear on how it doesn’t fall over when there’s no child in the pram. Having said that, even if it did, the flat, sturdy bottom would mean that nothing topples over. It looks as though it would just sit on its flat bottom and not cause any problems for the contents.

Another site you might like to look into is http://www.businessmums.com. I reckon you’d find lots of takers there.

I’d also be keen to stock it on my retail website: http://www.liveitup.net.au. Please contact me if you’d like to know more about it.

Have you considered a press release? I can help you with this, and it could bring plenty of ‘free’ publicity as a result.

I think parents need to see it. Although making it available online is very important because not everyone needs to see it up close to decide to buy it, you need to get word out about it. Why not cosy up to your local shopping centre and see if they’ll let you borrow some space at the front of the centre so that you can loan the Shopping Caddy to Mums with prams as they enter? The way you cosy up is by convincing them that anything that makes shopping easier, means higher sales and longer time spent in store.

Set up a table with flyers, business cards, even helium balloons for the kids, make it really colourful and inviting. Invite mothers to borrow the Shopping Caddy for their entire shopping expedition, and just to hand it back when they’ve finished and are about to head for their car. This way they get to trial it for free and they’ll see just how practical it is and how much shopping they’ll fit in it. And while they’re at it, other shoppers will see it in action and it will be advertising itself in action.

When the borrowers return the Shopping Caddy to your stall, ask them to fill out a questionnaire and/or provide comments that you can use on your website. Make it very short and sweet as by this time, their little one/s might be needing to go home without delay. Send them home with 5 flyers that they can each pass on to other Mums that they know. The beauty of mothers with small children is that they almost invariably know plenty of others with children in the same age group.

Take order forms with you, grab credit card details that you can process when you get back home (and charge for delivery), or accept cash on the spot. Have some new stock handy to customers can buy on the spot.

Another idea is to suggest to local kindies that you hold a morning tea on the premises and invite parents to come and see the Shopping Caddy ‘in the flesh’. Demonstrate it, take orders as mentioned above, and hand out lots of flyers that can be passed on. The kindy might be more enticed if they were to receive a ‘cut’, say 5% of sales generated on the day given back in a cash donation, even if the donation is made to the kindy’s favourite charity.

See if you can align with charities. SIDS, Abused Child Trust, etc … approach them and ask how you can work with them as an endorsed product.

If I can help with your website content, press release or flyers, please don’t hesitate to contact me. In order to get the word out there, you need to use more words, in more appropriate ways. Create extra pages on your website, add content, keep it refreshed by adding testimonials, comments, case studies, a blog, etc. This will keep the search engines happy.

One more thing. Your tag line is ok but it really doesn’t capture what you’re selling and what its benefits are. “Stylish. Practical. Innovative.” are all words that compliment the designer, i.e. you, but say nothing about what’s in it for the buyer. Those three words could apply to designer toilet brushes, a new idea for a fruit bowl or a custom-coloured washing machine. They say absolutely nothing about a strong, clever bag for hanging on the back of a pram.

Ok, I think that’s about it. I did warn you I had lots to say lol. Hope it’s been of help and please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you’d like to list it on Live It Up, or would like help with your writing/marketing.

All the best :)