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karenrice, post: 36604 wrote:
…You made an interesting point about the meta file, my graphic designer was suppose to put these words in for me I gave him a huge list, obviously he didn’t. Could you please give me the step by step instructions of how I can check for myself the words that are in the meta file? ….

Many thanks

Dear Karen – you can check what’s on the pages just on the web by clicking File/Source and viewing the contents. But you won’t be able to change anything unless you have ftp access to the source files.

As the owner of the domain you should have been given ftp details, a login and a password. This can be given confidentially to anyone who can update the meta tags for you – be it your designer, or an expert in SEO of which there are a few on this forum.

I realise you have invested heavily in this product and the advertising of it so far and although I have things I would suggest as a designer of many years, I don’t think that is what you need right now.

As a mum and grandmother I still think it’s priced fine for such a quality product – knowing how much is spent on other baby accessories.

I would take the advice of some others and contact the mums and baby websites.

The Womens Network is also a good place to check out. I am a member. They are a national organisation http://www.womensnetwork.com.au – and have a weekly noticeboard email where you could just put a text advert (they will help you write it) and it’s sent to their huge pool of business women.