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Tim Davies
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These are all typical issues I deal with every day for customers. I help businesses of all sizes source, quality control and order manage from China.

The only way you can real know if youre going to get what you want is to get samples and test them yourself. You should be able to get these from potential suppliers if you know how to approach the process. It really should be a no brainer for them.

On the sourcing designs, you just need a good designer who doesnt cost the earth. Theres plenty of freelance designers out there that love work like yours, you just need to know a few and where to find them.

High RES PDF’s are the file types you’d send. Dont know if this is what you mean. Any designer you get to help would know this.

If you’d like to private message me or email me at tim@silkroadtrade.com.au i can talk the approach through with you further.

Good luck, its all fun.