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Ooh, I love a mystery! Especially one that involves cloaks, daggers AND dragons!

The answer to your query may be dependent on the industry that you’re in. Can you give us even a teeny weeny hint?

Thanks for joining us slayingdragons, I’m looking forward to learning more about your new product!

All the best,

slayingdragons, post: 36719 wrote:

My husband and I are relatively new to small business and have been operating a retail outlet in North Queensland for just over a year. During this time we happened upon a product that began to take on a life of it’s own and we began to focus mainly upon our unique product.

Ater much research and a lot of courage we decided to close the retail sector which we did a few weeks ago with a view to distributing our product through other retails outlets as well as online. We figured that we could gain exposure much more quickly making our product available this way than we could plodding along on our miniscule budget.

So far we have organised catalogues, brochures, booked a trade stand for June and I have created a media release which I am about to send out in the next few weeks after we have a few other ducks in a row.

Sorry if I’m being a bit cloak and dagger but due to our product being so unique we can’t really let the cat out of the proverbial until we have crossed all our “t’s” etc.

Anyway we are now ready to approach the retail outlets with our product, catalogue and displays and our problem is just who do we contact for these franchised companies or any company? How do you find out who to talk to? Do we send out a sample pack and overview of our product first or do we call them and then send one out? Do we just cold call and walk into some of these retail outlets and try our luck?

Any help at all will be much appreciated and we look forward to helping others too once we are a bit more clued up. Look forward to hearing from other members.

cheers : )